Aquatic Environment Management

Department of Aquatic Environment Management (AEM)

Department of Aquatic Environment Management is involved in the teaching, research and extension activities. In keeping with the time, however, the department has updated itself with new subjects and streams as per the ICAR V Deans committee recommendations to cater for the demands in the fishery sector.

Education: The department is conducting all the UG courses assigned to it as per the new syllabus laid down by ICAR V Deans committee. Students are taken for field collections, visits and tours etc. as per the requirement of the courses.

Research: The departmental research work addresses some major areas of importance or concern such as biodiversity assessment, water and soil analysis, collection of plankton and aquatic weeds

Extension: So far the department supports the allied departments during the extension activities organised by the college and disseminates technical knowledge to the fishermen, fish farmers, researchers, students, etc visiting the college and by participating in exhibitions.


Shri. V. B. Sutar


Assistant Professor

Shri. M. M. Girkar


Assistant Professor