Fish Processing Technology


Brief about Department:-

This is one of the department under the faculty of fisheries. The department offers courses for U.G studies. The department is conducting all the UG courses assigned to it as per the new syllabus laid down by ICAR. College of Fishery Science is established in the area of Fresh water, so with this department is also looking towards the utilization of fresh water resources such as, preparation of value added fish product from various available fresh water fishes.


Department of Fish Processing Technology is having well-equipped laboratory with all basic facilities and modern instruments for conducting day to day practical.


  • Department has established Value Added Fish Product Centre with the Help of National Fisheries Development Board, Hyderabad under One Time Investment
  • Department has carried out various trials on Catla and Rohu fish flesh for utilizing in preparation of various fish products. Yet standardization of these products is going on.
  • Department is conducting training and demonstrations programme on preparation of value added fish products to the fisher women.


Shri. A. T. Tandale

Assistant Professor